DVD of Sensitive: the Untold Story

Per chi fosse interessato, giro la mail ricevuta da service@hsperson.com (è ora disponibile il DVD del film “Sensitive: the Untold Story):

Dear HSPs,

The DVD of Sensitive: the Untold Story can now be ordered here. This, the final version, will be released December 15.  But especially if you want it for Christmas (maybe to give as a gift), it’s best to order it now. This final version is slightly different from the Kickstarter DVD.  It has a bonus track, a fancy case, plus subtitles in nine languages, to meet the needs of our worldwide highly sensitive community:

Danish Japanese
Dutch Portuguese (Brazil)
English Spanish
French Swedish

These subtitles will be added soon to the online VHX version, which is still for sale or rent through the movie website.

What we all wish is that as many people as possible see this movie. Once again, as with the books, I think this will happen through a grassroots, word-of-mouth pathway in which you will be effortlessly involved, of course, by simply talking about it.

In addition, it would be wonderful if you could show the movie in any setting where some new people, especially non-HSPs, could see it. For example, your extended family during the holidays, your church, synagogue, local library, local school or college, club or organization, or your local theater showing independent films, or anywhere else where people would like to watch something entertaining and well produced as well as informative–all of which this film definitely is.  (One theater has already asked for it; contact the Sensitive movie team if the film will be shown in a large theater.)

If you think you would like to have the DVD available for people to purchase after seeing the film, Global Touch Group is offering reduced-rate 10-DVD sets at $109.50 per set.  Go to the movie website, and scroll down the page to order sets.

Purtroppo, come si può notare, tra le lingue dei sottotitoli è previsto il danese, il portoghese, l’olandese, lo svedese, lo spagnolo, il giapponese, il francese, il tedesco, naturalmente l’inglese (sottotitoli inglesi al testo americano!). Ma manca l’italiano. Inoltre, al prezzo di vendita di $ 14,95, ne vanno aggiunti altri 16 per la spedizione in Italia. Mah.


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