Persone Altamente Sensibili

Giulia Fedel

Riporto di seguito alcuni link a pagine WEB (la maggior parte in inglese) che potrebbero interessare le Persone Altamente Sensibili (PAS in italiano – Highly Sensitive Persons: HSPs in inglese), ma non solo loro:

L’unico in italiano rimanda al sito Psiche soma relazione (dott.ssa Nicoletta Travaini). Varie pubblicazioni nell’area: ipersensibilità – HSP

Gli altri sono in inglese.

Why So Many Artists Are Highly Sensitive People ( Psychologists have foun that the creative personality contains layers of depth, complexity and contradictions.

Why Introverts and Extroverts Are Different: The Science (

10 Ways Highly Sensitive People Use Their Sensitivities As An Advantage (

What is the evidence D.O.E.S. exists? (Un vecchio post della dr.ssa Elaine Aron)

Addiction and the dark side of the highly sensitive personality (da Keith Urban and others stars show dark side of the high sensitivity personality. Many celebrities have sought treatmentMusician Keith Urban once checked himself into a rehab center for alcohol abuse, with support from his wife, actor Nicole Kidman…

The link between leaky sensory filters and your inner genius (da Some people can work in cafes and blissfully ignore the coffee grinders, chitchat and commotion. I cannot. Nor could Marcel Proust, who wore earplugs and lined his bedroom with cork to keep out any errant sound. And it’s not just me and my old buddy Marcel…

How to be Good at Stress (da What does it mean to be “good” at stress? Does it mean you don’t get stressed out? That you stay calm under pressure and bounce back from adversity?

How to help highly sensitive employees thrive ( da Sensitivity and vulnerability in the workplace can take your organization to the next level, if you know how to create an environment for all employees to flourish. 

Nell’immagine: Tomba Brion | particolare del mosaico | Carlo Scarpa – S.Vito di Altivole | Treviso | Italy | ©Giulia Fedel

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